• Ad Valorem Tax Consulting

    Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we are able to meet specific needs of private and corporate investors in the representation of their Real & Personal Property tax matters.

    The expanding demand by taxing authorities to maintain a tax base to support the increasing costs of government require that each property be carefully analyzed and managed each year. We are dedicated to serving real property owners and managers with this professional expertise. We are confident that our services will save ownership/management property tax dollars over the investment period, which can be transferred to the bottom line.

    Based in New England we represent properties throughout the region. We offer an assortment of services, including aggressive negotiation to lower Ad Valorem Tax assessed values and research of all current and delinquent tax liabilities for institutionally owned real estate. We have provided services for individuals who own a single property, corporations with several properties and institutional owners with large, constantly changing R.E.O. portfolios.

    We base our expertise on experience in the commercial real estate field. Nicholas Orlov the principal of The Orlov Company has created research departments for commercial brokerage houses, worked with financial institutions in the repositioning, management and disposition of commercial properties and represented over nine hundred ($900,000,000) million dollars for the purpose of Ad Valorem Tax Management.

    Our goal is to maximize the savings for the owner while treating all parties fairly. As the owner will have to deal with the municipality for years to come our approach is to always have a better argument with more substantial facts than the municipality. We are not fighting against the municipalities but demonstrating a more accurate method of valuation for their benefit.

    Business Package :
    Abatement Form 2017 Ad Valoram Tax Brochure  Third Document