Commercial Real Estate


We have extensive experience in assisting clients in the acquisition and disposition of income producing commercial real estate. These services include Seller and Buyer representation, sale and acquisition strategies and thorough market analysis.

By utilizing our experience and knowledge we assist our Buyers and Sellers in maximizing their investment value through accurate asset valuation, acquisition and disposition strategies that include market timing, tax consequences and financing options.


We offer comprehensive leasing services to property owners. These services include analyzing the current market conditions as they pertain to the specific property, creating a property-specific marketing program to include advertising, signage, direct mail and co-brokerage incentives.

Through these services and by adhering to our comprehensive plans we are able to deliver the most time and cost effective service to our clients. This enables our clients to realize the most efficient operation of their property with quality tenants.

Tenant Representation

We offer comprehensive leasing services to Tenants. These services include analyzing the tenants needs, their timing and completing a thorough analysis of their target market. By completing these services we offer the Tenant the necessary market knowledge to complete their transaction knowing they received the most competitive deal possible.


We will assist owners in financing and restructuring of their debt on their commercial real estate. Through properly analyzing the commercial real estate compared to the market and the income and expenses we create a complete financial picture.

We then assist the owner in packaging all of the relevant material necessary for a financial institution to properly analyze the real estate. Through careful, thorough preparation we enable the potential lender to quickly and simply analyze the commercial real estate.

Business Plans

We assist owners and buyers in creating comprehensive business plans that will enable them to:

  • Analyze their asset as compared to the marketplace
  • Structure a marketing or leasing program
  • Present their property to a potential lender or buyer
  • Allow an owner to summarize the financial implications of the asset over time